Bugatti by Bernardo Mod Chop

A while back the C700p case was introduced, since then quite a number of Mods have been made with this marvelous case as it’s base seeking the limitations in this case. So far those limitations still seem far out of reach or even non-existent, but the attempts to find those boundaries truly are works of art already.
This article is about “Bugatti” made by Bernardo Mod Chop.

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The Bugatti uses the “Chimney” layout of the C700p, this makes all the connectors from the back i/o end up in the top of the case. This configuration makes for a sight which you will not find easily in other cases besides this C700p. Of course, this happens to be a standard option, in this case, so we can not call this very special. It did, however, create a very nice space in the back of the case, where I found the first thing that drew me in to start writing about this Mod.

The backside of the C700p has been replaced by a large reservoir in this Bugatti. This reservoir seems and actually is now a part of the case’s structure, and leaves enough room in the case open for other nice things. With the blue liquid in that reservoir I for one am curious as to how beautiful the coloring in the case will end up when the light falls into the case from that backside, sadly I haven’t found any photos of this phenomenon.
The reservoir is part of a simple looking loop, within this loop two graphics cards and the CPU are cooled. The liquid is cooled by a reasonably thick radiator in the front of the case with the attached tubing coming out in the top of the radiator.
Probably to counter the color overkill the tubing was made half in chrome and the other half in a transparent tubing, showing off that nice looking blue liquid.
A somewhat strange view is the empty reservoir in the bottom of the visible case. This Pump/reservoir combi is connected to the radiator, but instead of using the reservoir part of it a chrome tube has been connected straight from the pump to the reservoir in the back of the case. No idea why this was done this way, maybe he was out of separate pumps, but on the other hand, this does create one of those things that’ll make you remember this Mod.

Painted in a gorgeous blue, with carbon style cover here and there to hide things that don’t need to be in sight such as cables and PSU, This Bugatti is really a sight to behold.
The visible cables in this Bugatti are also in that nice carbon grey color, even though the “chimney” leaves even fewer cables in sight than normal. The cables powering the graphics cards go in a horizontal line to the back of the case where they drop off behind the motherboard tray. The horizontal line this creates generates a balance in the overall lines of the entire Mod.
The already very recognizable handles on the C700p have been made a nice shiny chrome, which makes for an excellent contrast to the blue.
On the front side, flanked by chrome colored strips, the Bugatti logo finishes off the entire front. The Coolermaster logo was removed from sight for this, but anyone who sees the case will recognize it anyway so no harm was done there.

You all know by now that I find a minus in any Mod, and this Bugatti is no exception.
The only similarity I can personally see between the Bugatti Chiron and this Mod is the color scheme, and even then only if you look for blue Bugatti’s specifically. I for one am actually missing that amazing rounded curve which runs over the doors on the Bugatti Chiron. So why this name and logo was chosen for this Mod, I’m not really sure, but seeing as inspiration and execution can come in many forms, I think I’ll call this Artists freedom.
But for this reason, I did not add this Mod to the “based on a car” series you can find on this site.

After discussing the Mod and article with Bernardo Mod Chop, it has come to my attention that the actual frontside that is suposed to be on here resembled the Chiron front grill. This frontside had fallen off of a table cracking it in the process making it unusable. 🙁

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