Copper Nuc – Intel NUC modding 2016

To be honest i have doubted quite a while on wether or not to write about this Copper Nuc, after all my intention with this website was to write only about Mods i myself like.
I do not like the endresult of this Copper Nuc, there are however parts of it that i do like, and seeing i wrote about the other Nuc Mods aswell it would be disrespectful if i left this one out.
This article is about the parts i do like in this Copper Nuc, and don’t worry, there’s still plenty of those. 🙂

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The endresult of this Copper Nuc made by almost looks like a mod that’s been hastily put together because time was out. When you see the creator calling the project “cursed from the start” i think that may have even been the case. However when i saw the first photo’s of this mod roll by, i genuinely thought this Nuc Mod could’ve become the winner.

The intention for this Copper Nuc was to keep the small measurements and the base appearance of the Intel Nuc. This has been nicely achieved by sinking a custom CPU waterblock into the original case which makes it seem asif it has always been a part of the Nuc.
The colorscheme of the Copper Nuc is black, grey and copper and i must say this colorscheme really works well, it would not be a punishment to see this colorscheme in a full size casemod.

Eventhough the whole looks like a rush job, you can clearly see the amount of skill this modder possesses, it can be seen in every seperate piece and part. I, for one, would love to see this Copper Nuc finished without the time pressure. Personally i think this could become one of the best under those conditions.

As always this is my honest opinion, you do not have to agree with any of it. I am not part of the jury so my opinion does not count 🙂
Judge for yourself, the photo’s can be found below!

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