Dayreport: CoolerMaster Show Your PC Build Day

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The Show Your PC Build Facebook group is a community for Dutch computer Makers. Within this community, anyone can show his/her build, whether it’s an extreme Mod, or a “simple” thrown together computer. As soon as you show your build you will get comments, but not the sorts of comments you usually get to see on Facebook these days, the sort of comments which make you afraid of ever showing anything ever again.. In this community the type of comments is mostly positive, people truly tend to make an effort to make everyone feel welcome and actually is able to learn from eachother.
If you combine a Group such as this with a company such as CoolerMaster, you can be sure to expect some nice things to come along. Many of you will no doubt think about a small give-away, or maybe even a few give-aways.. But CoolerMaster had a different thing in mind.
This article is about the gift CoolerMaster gave to this group.

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My day started out quite drowsy, had a hell of a week at work, little to no sleep at all, and lots of chaotic train commutes. So when I heard my alarm go off, I actually had a feeling like: “I’ll go an hour later..” Luckily I had an appointment at a certain time and I stick to my agreements, so I couldn’t just go back to sleep. I snuck out of the house around 7:30 AM to start my walk to the train station. The entire way there I kept praying to every God I could imagine (which is quite a lot) that there would not be any delays or maintenance on the tracks.
Happily, my train would leave at the correct time and the “BroodZaak” (a food and drinks store at the station) was already openend for that first cup of delicious coffee. The coffee was finished quite fast, so I took my 2nd cup and went into the train to get to Breda where I was meeting Tom Goossens with whom I’d ride to CoolerMaster in Eindhoven.
In the car with Tom we discussed quite a bit of fun stuff, but seeing as my brain was still turned off, I don’t remember almost any of it, sorry Tom…

2017 07 09039 300x225 - Dayreport: CoolerMaster Show Your PC Build Day

After arriving at CoolerMaster we found Ricardo on the parking lot. He was already busy and had given his build a nice spot inside (that ugly BeQuiet case 😉 ) Pretty weird that my +1 got inside before me, but oh well.. Tom and I were met by this enthusiastic young little lady who frankly said was way too awake for this early in the morning. After ticking our names off on the list and signed in as present we were allowed to enter the hall.
The day would play itself out in the Warehouse of the CoolerMaster building where space was cordoned off by fences and security cams (courtesy of the Reality) Along the sides of the area long tables were placed on which the various builds could be placed. I did not want to look too eager and run with my tongue hanging out to the first PC I could find. So I decided to make the rounds and say hi to anyone I might know.
The first known face I saw, which isn’t easily missed, was Femke, as usual, she was being a busy bee with all sorts of stuff and had a group surrounding her who were watching and talking with her. This time I wasn’t overwhelmed at the mere sight of her so I could be a bit more myself and say hi, so I asked her to marry me. She did want a ring which would fit in with her already impressive ensemble and I had to have a nice chat with Tenzin first, but okay.. one step a day 🙂
On the other side of the circle (a circle of tables was set in the middle of the hall where the experts showed their thing) I also noticed a familiar face scurrying about. Even if he did not recognize me, I did recognize Richard, Designs By Richard (Richard Prins) a Dutch Modder who may not have been getting the exposure he deserves, but still has shown his skills as a Modder with a hefty sum of Mods and Projects. Today he was present with some nice Mods and he was mostly busy with live modding, though I did catch him playing a few games as well. Was an honor shaking his hand for the first time, even if I have known him for quite some time on Facebook.

After saying hello to everyone, I walked to the first build, stood there a little while, made some photo’s stepped to the next build and repeat.. In that manner, I’ve done most of the table. Until I noticed the actual true value of a day such as this..
The marvelous thing about a day such as this was the fact that CoolerMaster gave us the opportunity to meet in real life. If I had questions about something I would just have to tap on someone’s shoulder and they’d show and explain everything. So I started chatting with people quite soon after this insight, which made me meet a lot of the makers who thought and showed me things and gave me a different feel about a PC build on quite a few occasions. Of course, no-one recognized me, and no I wasn’t undercover..
This way I found some nice gems which on first glance were seemingly standard, but were still hiding some nice things. Tight cable management in lots of builds, little looser in others. But what surprised me the most was the amount of innovation in builds whose Maker you’ve never seen trying to get an audience, things of which even the well-known Modders would get a smile on their face. Just look at the photo’s at the bottom to see if you can find them 🙂

The day went by calmly, no chaos, no running, no unneeded fuss over being somewhere at a predetermined time of the day. Everyone walked around and talked with everyone, there were no clicks who stayed together all day long, and this, in my opinion, created an atmosphere in which everyone felt right at home.
Jerry Driessen already had handed me a cup of coffee when we just arrived, and the rest of the day there was a fully stocked fridge with all sorts of cold drinks of which you could grab whatever you fancied. The bottles of water went particularly fast when it became warmer. During the day it got hot and bothered, but go figure with so many PC’s and so little ventilation in that hall, the only real ventilation came from a large roll up truck docking door which was opened all day long already.

There was one workshop at which I hung around for quite some time, namely the cable sleeving. Escorted throughout the entire process everyone could give sleeving a try, after a short introduction and explanation, we soon realised that sleeving isn’t quite as simple as it might seem at first, so there was quite some cussing and swearing when it didn’t go as smooth 🙂 If everyone could do it easily, then everyone would have nice looking cables, but not everyone has the patience to sleeve almost 100 meters in cables. 🙂

Just like at the previous event, the Keyboard meetup at CoolerMaster, this time Silly’s was brought in again to handle the catering. Not such a deluxe elaborate lunch of sandwiches and salads as last time, but plain and simple delicious fries and snacks! A mobile snackbar was parked in the parking lot which got rushed by a humongous pack of starving wolves.
It all went a lot more orderly than I’m letting on here, but a story may have some sensation 🙂 The line was nice and neat, no pushing, no rushing, and everyone got fed till they were full.
How they managed to do that I have no idea, but making fries and snacks for such a large hungry mob is not an easy feat. My compliments yet again Silly’s!!

During the second half of the day, it was time to let the various experts take the mic at the main stage.
MsshNL (1 of the Tim’s) started off with a cooking demonstration.. Yup, Cooking, Maker Style! take some random ingredients, dump them in a bucket of liquid nitrogen and see what you can brew of it. The leek turned into glass-like rods which made a nice sound and effect when you smashed them on the ground, marshmallows turned into cold treats with a somewhat strange texture, the hotdogs turned into.. I don’t know cause he dropped those in and couldn’t get them out again.. The detergent was transformed into something so very awesome, well that is if you can believe Tim and Tim’s expressions cause only they got to see it.. Was very fun, bit vague, but had some really good qualities of a stand-up comedy show. 🙂
After this MsshNL told us a bit about streaming, most important thing he added to it was that you have to do it for the fun of it, not for free stuff or money. There are quite a few similarities between Streaming and Writing, so I listened avidly to the things he had to say. Want to know more? check his stream and ask him! (find his links in the bottom)

After the explanation about streaming, one of the other experts took the stage and started talking about crypto mining. I stood and listened for a while, but after a short amount of time I found out that the subject simply couldn’t hold my attention, so I snuck out quietly to get a smoke.. This is my personal opinion, of which lots didn’t share it, seeing as when I got back there were still people who were listening with great attention, and various questions got fired at the expert.

During the entire passing of the day, Jerry gave away prizes to winners of quite amusing games, like holding up a CoolerMaster Cosmos case, assembling a mini-mini CoolerMaster computer system, but also, for instance, a Live rapid speed Budget Modding contest. This last one was quite fun to watch, imagine, going into your local budget market, buy various cheap decoration stuff, and then build a casemod out of it in 4 minutes.. Yup.. exactly.. From garlands to Led strips run by batteries, from spray paint to glitters all sorts of things were in that box and got used by 2 courageous people who did their best to make something nice out of it. Of course they didn’t miss the fact that the comedy value was counted higher than the appearance in this contest 😉

The end of the day drew near and you kept hearing people whine and cry about tired feet and this was something I shared. I did miss some form of seating like a bench or stool here and there throughout the day, but the absence of these also made everyone walk around instead of rusting to a single spot.
Before I went to say my goodbyes I went to purchase some items (a CoolerMaster cap, and a 140mm Master Fan Pro) at the store corner. Which was quite a nice looking store put way in the back out of the way, making it possible to purchase stuff without giving you the feeling that the entire day was directed at making CoolerMaster more money..
After saying Bye to Femke, no, she still didn’t say “I do”, I also said goodbye to Richard Prins and after an informative talk with Jerry we walked to the parking lot. There Tom, Ricardo and I had a little after chat before going on route home.

On the way home, Tom and I came across a Tesla with a license plate saying “Guy 1” which resulted in a high-speed chase to try and get a good photo of that car.. dang, they can really go..
At the Breda central station, I said my goodbyes to Tom and went onwards home by train. Was too tired to do anything when I got there, so all I did was upload the photos I made to Facebook. Was fun to see all the thank you’s and enthusiastic people on Facebook who regardless of just meeting each other al came together here again. I think this day has resulted in making this group a tad closer to each other..

Oh and P.s. that weird lady was there as well.. but now I really need to see that even weirder sister, so perhaps next time? 😀


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