Dark Matter: a worldchamp in the making?

In an earlier article i wrote about Coolermaster Casemod world series 2016 , in that article i said that i’d update when i saw beautiful mods passing by. So i shall, because i have been following this scratch build for a while now and it looks like this might just become the winner, ofcourse this is my opinion and i’m not in the jury but still… The scratch mod i’ve been following for a while now is: “Dark Matter” made by EnviousMods.

When you think about a scratch mod almost everyone thinks about a computer case that doesn’t resemble a computer case at all anymore, for instance think about Yazi by Asphiax , the Tri-max by Mike Petereyns , and yes even Rinzler van F.A.T.. The beauty of “Dark Matter” lies in the fact that in the end it still looks like a computer case, but still is being built entirely from scratch, thus fitting into the scratch mod category.

On the first post of his worklog EnviousMods tells us abit about himself, how he suffered a traumatic brain injury which left him with epilepsy and a brain that doesn’t function like normal. perhaps his brain doesn’t work like normal according to science and medicine, but if i look at his builds all i see is a perfect brain at work. In my opinion he’s not someone to feel sad for cause this happened to him and his brain doesn’t function as it should, bla bla bla… I personally would think of him as sad if he’d let his life be led by this incident, sat down and accepted that it controls his life, however Enviousmods just got stronger by it, and he uses his past experiences in all that he does and honors the English saying: “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.

Envious mods is drowning the Coolermaster forum with updates and is thus showing one of the most comprehensive buildlogs i’ve seen so far. Photo’s of every step of the way, no matter how small or big are being placed, which makes you feel like you’re truly there while “Dark Matter” is being born. Because every step is being documented and posted, you also see that things don’t always go smoothly during the build, for example you get to see the testing of various colors, and finding out a hinge that just got 3d printed wasn’t big and strong enough for it’s purpose… All in all his buildlog is a joy to follow, not just a succes story but a true worklog with it’s ups and downs, an inspiration to new modders. Ofcourse it’s not surprising to see his worklog being most viewed in the entire Coolermaster world series forum (scratch and case mods)

The “Dark Matter” scratch build looks so much like a “normal” computer case that it wouldn’t surprise me if computer case suppliers would take his ideas and made it into a case that you could just buy in stores everywhere. This is also part of why i think this scratchbuilt might become the winner in this competition, it’s a case everyone would want and could actually use. You don’t need a room specifically for housing this case , you could just place it on top or below your desk, tho putting it below your desk would be a shame of all the beauty this case offers.

I purposely didn’t go into any details about the build cause some things can’t be described using mere words, thats why this article is also abit shorter than those i usually post,But we have plenty photo’s to watch because of it!

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