Eismachine II by Lia Schornsteiner

Computer Modding is the art of adjusting a computer in such a way that it truly becomes a representation of your own taste. A lot of Modders create the most visually outrageous looking art pieces. Other Modders adjust parts to such a degree that the functionality increases many times over. And then there’s a third group of Modders, those that use their Mods to tell a story.
This article is about Eismachine II made by Lia Schornsteiner.

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It should be no secret that the name Puwalski is starting to grow in Modding world fame after the overwhelming success of “Eismachine“. Those who have started following Bernd’s Facebook also might recognize the name Lia a bit.
Lia is the Mastermind behind the Eismachine II and she has used the Modding skills of her father to create this amazing PC Mod which tells quite the adventurous tale.

Modders that tell a story using their Mods are not a new recent thing, there have been plenty of names big and small in the modding world that actually do this, one of the bigger names being Ali Abbas who tells a story with each of his Mods. Lia, however, went a few steps further and has built a complete story inside a computer, and it would not surprise me much if the story that she has told will go across the world.

The Mod in itself has not become a tight clean perfect computer, but that wasn’t the goal or intention either. The story is about treasure hunting in Antarctica and as we all know treasure hunting simply is not a clean job. Pirates and wild beasts always make a mess out of things. This story has been fully depicted by placing playmobile figurines in various locations inside the case where they perform a bunch of tasks which clarify the story.
In this Mod 2 radiators have been placed on the outside to clear room on the inside, and the other sides have been kept quite normal. All this with the boy and girlfriends that will surely want to come and take a look at this amazing looking computer. No doubt there will be plenty of shouting going on like: “Look with your eyes, not your hands!!” The story can be fully seen trough the gigantic side window and also trough the smaller window in the front.

The messy look of the white sleeved cables together with the not so tight water cooling tubes really creates a feel of rough winter nature. The snow and ice blocks scattered throughout the case with the characters positioned on them has such a high detail level that you’d almost get cold just by looking at it. I just still do not entirely get that snake 🙂

the snake normally could not survive in this landscape, but Lia really wanted it- so it got thermo gear, with fur neck, to not freeze to the ground, haha

Personally, I love this Mod, not just because of the details and the story, but also because of the fact that from a Mod like this you can truly see what a Hobby can mean to an entire family, not just the Hobby practitioner. Mod On Lia!!

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