Eismaschine by Bernd Joachim Puwalski

These days the huge concrete giants are a steady constant in the thoughts that people have when they think of large wealthy cities. Concrete, steel, and glass combined together built up so high that they can touch the clouds are seen by many as omens of wealth, prosperity, and innovation. Thankfully more and more people now also see that there is also a place for art in architecture, buildings now start to look more and more like giant pieces of artworks instead of just functional buildings. Right now I can already tell you that the Mod in this article is not a piece of art.
This article is about “Eismaschine” made by Bernd Joachim Puwalski (Bjpc)

Content: *

“Eismaschine” by Bjpc is a computer scratch mod, which means that it’s entirely built up out of the imagination of its maker. Without the use of an existing computer case, a good Modder can transcend the thought that every computer is a large box which sits on or under a desk in its basic form. This allows the Modder to display a piece of his / her soul in a way that cannot be denied. Bernd Joachim Puwalski shows with this “Eismaschine” that he is not afraid to believe in his dreams and that he will literally do everything it takes, even if it has never been done before, to make those dreams come to life.

Even if Bjpc is a relatively new player in the Modders world, I think that with this “Eismaschine” he makes the entire Modders world take a huge leap forward. Though he was inspired by various other Modders, like for example Sander van der Velden (ModWithMe – Yazi Venator) and Hans Peder Sahl (Project N.V.), with this Mod he really shows that he follows his own dreams. In this “Eismaschine” he does and shows things that haven’t been done by any other Modder before, I even dare to say that there will have been only a handful who would have even dared dream about something like this. I will describe some parts in this article but will leave a lot open for your own exploration, perhaps this “Eismaschine” can be an inspiration for you as well.

What you see is real. *

A lot of Modders are extremely well at working with the airbrush, they tend to replicate materials like wood, steel and concrete in the highest detail showing off their skill. In this Mod these materials weren’t airbrushed but the actual materials were used. If you see wood it really is wood, if you see concrete, it really is concrete. The weight of this Mod makes this “Eismaschine”, weighing in at 110KG, a real monster which you would not just put on your desk, and don’t even think about bringing it to a Lan Party..

Is that a waterfall?? *

The “Eismaschine” has been equipped with a real life waterfall, the entire side is dominated by a large transparent casing in which the cooling liquid by means of a waterfall drizzles down into the reservoir. This waterfall is illuminated by light fixtures which have been placed beneath it, which makes the entirety look like a melting glacier. The liquid is poured in from the top and collected in the reservoir at the bottom from where it gets transported by tubing and pumps to the places which need cooling in the computer.

A wooden PC. *

The casing for most of the computer parts, such as the motherboard, graphics card, and power supply, has been fully made out of wood. Not just a wooden box in which everything has been screwed tightly, but a work of art in its own respect. A construction of wooden slats encloses this part of the Mod, while it gives it an open feel to the computer as a whole at the same time. To give access to the computer parts, Bjpc made an ingenious “slide” system which slides the whole open giving access to the parts and sliding things like fans out of the way for easier access in one go. The wooden slats motif comes back in various spots throughout the Mod to make it one whole instead of leaving it looking like a scraped together pile of parts.

Concrete! *

The base of the “Eismaschine” is fabricated out of real reinforced concrete! I think a lot of Modders wouldn’t use this matter out of a practical standpoint, the weight and nature of concrete just make it to hard of a substance to build a computer out of. And yet this is exactly what Bjpc has done. The entire foot and stand on which this “Eismaschine” is built are made out of reinforced concrete. In this foot various sections have been left open to give room for things like the pumps, wiring, and tubing, but also for things like the display which is used to control the entire cooling of the Mod. A lot of the open sections have been covered in wooden frameworks which, like I said above, pulls it together as a whole.

Total: *

As I already told you at the start of this article, this Mod is not a piece of art. This “Eismaschine” could be best described as an art gallery in which the most beautiful pieces of art have been collected. The building around it in which the architect truly showed his art and skill, of which the world feels that that building is the perfect place to show the art pieces. A Mod like this will not be easy to equal, let alone surpass, but I have full confidence in the fact that Bernd Joachim Puwalski himself knows this as well and is already dreaming up his next Mod(s)…

Video & Photos: *

Specs: *

I7 6700K
32 Gb G.SKILL Trident Z DDR 4 3400
Asus Z170 Deluxe
Samsung V-Nand SSD 950 M.2 500GB
Cooler Master V850 PSU
Sapphire Vapor-X R9 290X 8GB
AC aquaero 5 incl. watercooling block
AC Highflow Flowmeter
Cooler Master Silencio 120 PWM fans in the case

Alphacool parts:

XPX Eisblock
GPX-A 290 M08 Gpu cooler
M.2 cooler
4x D-Ram cooler & acrylic block
Eisdecke incl. Reservoir
Eisbrecher rad 3×120 in the case
Monsta rad 3×120
Susurro 120 fans on the Monsta
2 Eispumpe VPP 755
Eislicht white
Acrylic pump top in the basement
Eisflügel flow indicator

All fittings chromed Eiszapfen or HF by Alphacool

Links: *

Bernd Joachim Puwalski Facebook
Bjpc Website

Bjpc thanks: *

Alphacool International and Aquatuning GmbH: for the water cooling parts
Cooler Master: for the great PSU and truly silent Silencio Casefans
Moddingstylez: for the tremendous cables
Sander van der Velden: for my logo “bjpc.solutions” printed in zinc filament

Schoisswohl Bau Gmbh: for the concrete cast materials
H. Pesendorfer/ Russner: for welding the base steel frame
S. Bachmann: for sandblasting the front window
My employers, for allowing me to take the time, when needed
My family- to allow me, to live in this creative chaos for the last seven months 1f642 - Eismaschine by Bernd Joachim Puwalski🙂

Thank you very much!

Alphacool Facebook
Alphacool Website
Coolermaster Facebook
Coolermaster Website

ModWithMe Facebook
Moddingstylez Facebook

Epilog by the writer. *

Normally I show my opinion in the article only, for this article and this Modder I will do it a bit differently, hence this epilog. This part is addressed to Bernd Joachim Puwalski.
When you contacted me, with my birthday as an excuse, you told me what an honor it would be for you if I were to write about your “Eismaschine”. At that time I already told you that you did not entirely understand why it was such an honor to me, that you contacted me with the question to take a look at your Mod.

Right now I haven’t been working on this website for a full year yet, for every article I write here, I scour the internet for days to get as much information about a Mod I found to be able to write an article about which I could feel content and happy. You are the first Modder that has contacted ME without any prior engagement between us, I used to think there are no greater compliments than the likes and comments my articles get until you contact me in this way. I give you my thanks for the given that you estimate my work on this site so highly that you entrusted me to write about your Mod. The honor was truly all mine.

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