Intel NUC Modding contest 2016 together with Premium sponsor Intel France are organising the Intel Nuc Modding invitational event and have invited 5 very well known Modders to mod a Intel Nuc.
These 5 modders will receive the Intel® NUC5i7RYH and Intel® SSD 535 Series M.2 drive to create a visually stunning minisystem.
Updates and worklogs can be followed on and on the modders own Social Media Profiles. The links to the worklog section on i will place in the bottom of this article.

First, let me introduce you to the 5 chosen Modders:

Most of these modders we all obviously know already, if you don’t know them yet take a look on their websites 😉
Ofcourse we’re very proud that there are 2 fellow Dutchies invited to this event: Peter Brands and Tim Warning, but we’re also proud of Mike Petereyns from Belgium cause this country kinda almost belongs together with the netherlands aswell 🙂 These five Modders have as a mission to transform the Intel Nuc Mini PC into a visual bomb which will appeal to Intel and
I can’t hardly wait to see what types of creations we’ll get to see, personally i wouldn’t have a clue asto where to start with such a little machine in terms of modding.
The Intel Nuc in itself is a very small inconspicuous computer which hides a whole lot of power.


I wonder what these 5 modding masters will make of this!
Ofcourse we’ll keep you posted on the Mods which we like most, and you’re free to request more information in the form of follow up articles.


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