L3p-Nuc – Intel NUC modding 2016

A few months ago the Intel NUC Modding Contest 2016 started, and we’ve seen various photo’s fly by on the social media profiles of the Modders. This Article is about the L3p-Nuc, the little piece of art by Peter Brands

Peter “L3p” Brands achieved worldfame because of his Desk-Mods, the computers with elaborate liquid cooling loops built into a custom desk. Often enough his mods are called the Gamers Dream. Many know Peter also has a bunch of “normal” casemods to his name.
What you wouldn’t suspect while looking at his Mods, is the fact that Peter also has a minimalistic side.

21-2560pxl3pwMost who follow Peter have seen “Steigerwood” pass by on his timeline. This little Htpc & Steammachine beast is still “under construction” but in this mod you can clearly see the fact that Peter is capable of thinking small when it comes to computer mods. This little wonder holds a custom liquid cooling loop while still staying as small as most dvd-players. The subtle appearance makes this Steigerwood a welcome addition to many a household.

The L3p-Nuc can best be compared to Peter’s Steigerwood mod, in the sense that it’s not a large elaborate mod, but delves it’s strenght from it’s subtlety.
True, a huge L3p Logo has been cutout and a massive blue acrylic plate has been added to the top with Led lighting beneath it but thats all in proportion. The big blue plate takes up only a quarter of the top surface and the logo is even smaller 🙂

Since the L3p-Nuc uses passive cooling, so no liquid cooling loops, and no fans.. This should be an extremely quiet computer, but i dare wonder about what the temperatures will do..
The original Intel-Nuc is hardly recognizable except for the given fact that you can see trough the blue acrylic plate onto the miniscule motherboard of the Nuc. The outside has been removed and replaced by a beautiful case by Akasa. This Akasa case besides being so clean and nice to look at is also highly functional. The case itself works as a passive cooler because it’s designed as a complete heatsink keeping the internals cooled.

44-2560pxl3pwYou can tell by the looks of the L3p-Nuc that Peter will most likely be wanting to use this Mod in his own living room. Not just in terms of style and shape of the whole, but you can also tell by the feet he gave this Mod. The Akasa case itself normally doesn’t have feet, so Peter gave it some.
Dynavox feet to be exact. These Dynavox feet are usually used for sound equipment, and are designed to lessen the vibration transference from device to surface. This makes for a more clear vibration static free sound representation.
But these feet just look awesome and tight on this L3p-Nuc!

On Peter’s recently renewed website you can find all his projects and buildlogs including the L3p-Nuc
Build Log L3p-Nuc
L3p-Nuc Completed

Enough typing for today, time for the photo’s cause those are what you guys came for anyway:


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