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  • Beautiful Design
  • Plenty of Space
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  • Everything in full view
  • Needs a lot of cleaning
  • No optical drive space

The Corsair 570X Case is the type of Case that you place on top of your desk to show off all the nice parts that you have built into it to everyone who takes a look at it. As opposed to other cases in which you will only find one windowed side, this Case sports a fully open design by having all sides made out of tempered glass.
This review will be a bit different than you might be used to in reviews, so my hopes are to get a lot of your opinions on this review style.

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The Corsair 570X Mid Tower ATX is a spectacular looking Case in which you will not have to go to a lot of trouble to create an eye catcher in your Gameroom or Office. Moving away from the standard black boxes which are normally seen, this Case has been fully designed to get noticed. This has been achieved in various ways which I will talk about below.

The Outside: *

570004 194x300 - Review: Corsair 570X Mid Tower ATX

The outside of the Corsair 570X is fully made out of tempered glass, this ensures that whatever it is you do to the insides it will always be in full view. Corsair handled this very well by giving the builders a whole bunch of options to showcase the parts they put into this case in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. For instance, think about velcro straps to route cables, but also the 3 included LED RGB fans in the front of the case work perfectly towards that end while also generating a very recognizable look and feel to the appearance of the Case.
Because the outsides are entirely made out of glass, you will be forced to regularly clean everything inside and out, seeing it is all glass the much-hated finger smudges will be left on the case by those people who simply can’t resist looking with their hands instead of their eyes.

Because of the Modders competition Corsair held with this 570X as a base, various Mods have already been made, each of these Mods steered clear of the outsides seeing one of the rules of the competition was to keep the Case recognizable at a glance. To the more creative Modders this does not pose much of an obstruction and thus a bunch of modifications were added, below you will find some of the more obvious alterations. Such as the steel teeth of the “Pellucidum” by Singularity Computers, the fully customized frame of the “570X CrystaliZed” by Daniel Bolognesi, but also the etched glass of the “570TRIX” by SimpleModz.

The Inside: *

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The inside of the 570X gives you the standard amount of space which you normally find in an ATX Case, enough room to house your motherboard with the power supply below leaving plenty of much-needed space for hard drives and other common parts you might want to put into a build. Nothing bad can be said about this space if you’re a standard builder. You will have plenty of room, enough spaces to route wires, and plenty of spacious open areas to build a little more than standard parts in this Case.
The standard PSU cover is one of the first things you will notice which Corsair has built into this Case to be able to make a clean tight appearance in the Case. Another thing most builders will notice is the lack of drive cages in which the hard drives and DVD players and more of that should be built. The actual drive cages for the hard drives and SSD’s have been placed on the back of the motherboard tray to keep an open case for optimal airflow in the 570X, but let’s be honest, it simply looks more amazing as well, which is a requisite in a Case where you can see the insides from all angles. Room for optical drives (DVD players and such) is non-existent, this Case works under the just impression that these days all software can be downloaded and installed by either using the internet or a USB.

The Modders have gone completely wild on the insides, besides the almost standard present water cooling loops, the eight Modders truly have put down eight entirely different visions on what this Case can become in the hands of a Modder. Ronnie Hara’s “Red Samurai” with the Graphics Card on a 90 degree angle turning the Case into a GPU showcase, “WTLO” by Richard Keirsgieter whose water cooling tricks generate amazingly extreme forms of cooling, but also “570X MKII” by team Watermod in which simplicity is the keyword, all the Modders went in a completely different direction with their builds.

Cooling: *

570007 158x300 - Review: Corsair 570X Mid Tower ATX

As can be read above, the entire Corsair 570X Case has been designed with optimal airflow in the Case in mind by putting various parts out of the way. The PSU cover also helps with this in a very big way by keeping the interior mostly clear of the abundance of cables and by limiting the disruptive air movement of the actual PSU. The 3 LED RGB fans on the front side of the Case are included in the package and are, besides looking simply amazing, responsible for making the great cooling inside this Case. Builders have space in this Case for a maximum of 6x 120mm fans, of which 3 places in the front, 2 in the top, and 1 in the back. The spaces on the front and top sides could be used for 140mm fans, but this would mean going to 2x 140mm instead of 3x 120mm in the front side of the case. All in all plenty of building options for air cooling can be found int this 570X.
of course, water cooling has also come to mind in the designing of this Case, whether you work with fully custom loops or utilize a so-called All-in-one you will find plenty of space for radiators and reservoirs. On the front side, you will find room for a max 360mm radiator, the top gives room for a 240mm, whereas the back holds room for a 120mm. Because all the drive cages have been removed you have an open area which gives room for reservoirs of all kinds of sizes.

After the Modders were done, there were so many alterations to the Case’s cooling methods that I am of the opinion that almost anything is possible in this 570X by Corsair.

Tech Specs: *

tech specs - Review: Corsair 570X Mid Tower ATX

My opinion: *

This Corsair 570X ATX Case borrows itself perfectly for any builder who is sure of his work and as such isn’t afraid to show his work in all it’s glory. Seeing there is nothing you can hide, you really do need to know what you are doing, this makes the Case less suitable for a quick and easy build.
With my eye on the Modders World, I have a feeling that this Case, regardless of its many options, still will bring about a challenge or two. Even if there are already quite a few Mods made with this Case as a base, a lot of Mods will no doubt start to look too similar instead of ensuring a totally new spectacle.

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Mods made with this Product: *

570TRIX by SimpleModz
CrystaliZed by Twister
Pellucidum by Singularity Computers
XV by MetallicAcid
570X MKII by Watermod
WTLO by Richard Keirsgieter
Clear Sky City Of Angels by Snef
Red Samurai by Ronnie Hara

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