Steigerwood by Peter L3p Brands

The interior of a home can tell you a lot about the residents of said home, some homes are super tight and clean in the design, others are a mixture of styles. The thing that usually remains in the same style no matter what home you’re in is the audio and video equipment. In almost every living room you can find a TV, with beneath it a bunch of appliances which are used to view DVD’s, Blu-rays or even just a device to watch digital TV with. Some people, however, take it up a notch.
This article is about “Steigerwood” created by Peter “L3p” Brands.

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Peter Brands is one of those names that simply can’t be missed in the Modding world, even though he himself is quite a calm and relaxed person when you meet him. His Mods, however, cross the entire globe and are met with enthusiasm and credit all over. Whether it’s about winning Modding contests, or about making something personal for himself and his family, the quality simply oozes of off his projects. The “Steigerwood” is one of those Mods he has built for himself, for which the entire world was anxiously sitting and waiting from the very first moment when he shared his plans for this Mod.

The “Steigerwood” is an HTPC and steam machine which is fully water cooled. A lot of people will not know what exactly that is, so I will go into that for a bit first. The abbreviation HTPC stands for Home Theater PC, so a computer which is used to play movies, series and music on built in a small format so this can be placed near and connected to a TV. A Steam machine is a small format computer which allows it’s user to play computer games to a certain degree from the comfort of the couch on a TV, depending on the power of the hardware that’s built into the machine these can become quite powerful computers.

This machine was built by Peter, so you can safely assume that this is a very powerful beauty, judging by the specs list he posted on his website I can only confirm this to be a very powerful Beast indeed. The “Steigerwood” holds an i5 processor, 16GB ram, and a GTX 970, in short, this is more power than most people have in their “normal” PC. And still, Peter succeeded in packaging this monster in a way that would not seem out of place beneath the TV in a lot of peoples homes.

As I’ve mentioned above, a lot of hardware power has been squashed into this machine, and of it all, it will be the water cooling that gets the most attention. The tight placing, bending and awesome look of it simply is not something you achieve by winging it. It would not surprise me much if Peter had spent hours of planning on this before even touching it. The fact that the entire loop has been done in a chrome look only makes it look more incredible.

Normally when someone builds such an impressive machine, you’d want to show the entirety of it to everyone, including the insides of it. This usually is done by creating or using a window in the case trough which you get a clear view on the hardware inside. The “Steigerwood” also has such a window, which is placed on the top, but trough this small window you can only see part of the intricate insides of this imposing machine. It also bothers me personally that the window isn’t centered, but oh well… In Peters home, this beautiful creation is placed inside a piece of furniture which only allows you to see the front side of this marvelous artwork. Art collections owned by private collectors do not get shown publically often either but they don’t get appreciated any less for it.

Trough the interior of the home of a person you can learn a lot about that person, in this case you’d almost call Peter a nearly compulsive neurotic. I think that this “Steigerwood” however has been a huge compromise in which Peter has done his very best to moderate his Hobby and Needs to create something of beauty and ease of use which suits his family perfectly. Peter seems to spend loads of time on his Mods, but the lions part of his time will always go to his family, who will always be the ones who stand with him regardless of how famous his Mods become or how many fans he builds all over the world.

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Intel i5 4690K

Asus Maximus VII Impact

Asus GTX970 DirectCU Mini

Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB 2400Mhz

Corsair Force LE 960GB

Corsair SF600

Steiger Dynamics ERA

Cablemod Custom SF600 Cablekit

LiHeat Pci-e Extender

EKWB Waterblocks

Bitspower Fittings

Parvum EK-RAM Top

Corsair Gaming K65 LUX

Corsair Gaming Katar

Corsair Lapdog

Arcadyan HMB2260 IPTV

Logitech Harmony Elite

Links: * project page Website Build log
L3p Facebook

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Huge thanks to:
ASUS Republic of Gamers
EK Water Blocks
Bitspower International Co., Ltd.
立熱工業 Li-Heat Industry Co.,Ltd.
Parvum Systems

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