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In Asia they call Cartoons “Animes”, these animes are mostly based on the so-called Manga’s which is the word used for comics. The most successful and most elaborate anime series are those based on Gundams. Gundams are giant fighting robot suits with usually a human pilot. The reason that the Gundam Series all become so hugely popular is because these series have an enormous depth of the story, the story doesn’t get limited to what happens, but also shows the past of the main and by characters, which ensures that there will always be at least one character to whom you can identify so you will feel more emotionally involved in the story.
This article is about the Unicorn Destroy Mod made by St.Jimmy’s PC Modding.

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The Unicorn Destroy Mod is based on the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn series which has been showered in prizes despite its only limited amount of episodes, not just for the story, but also because of the character development and art style. It should not be any surprise that this series also acts as a base upon which amazing Mods can be built.
The Unicorn Destroy is even though I am a fan of most of the Gundam series not entirely the type of Case Mod that I personally like best. This doesn’t stop me from writing about it anyway because it’s the individual parts of this Mod that still make my engine run hot anyway. Especially the closed side I think is brilliantly made, but the water cooling loop is also worth mentioning.

The outsides of this Unicorn doesn’t have a lot of straight sides left, each side has been worked over and got dressed in the style of a Gundam. This means the whole is built up out of seemingly loose plates which are held together at the rims. In the Gundams, this makes them able to move freely without exposing vital parts to easy attacks. The front and top side are perfect examples of this, these sides have been built up out of multiple layers making it seem as if there was a case placed into another case. This generates a true 3D look and feel which you can even sense when just looking at the photos of this Mod.

The lighting on this Unicorn Destroy literally blows out of every side of this Mod, the red glow that comes with this seems to put the white plates on the outsides a blaze and makes it seem as if there is something alive on the inside of this Mod. This effect has been very nicely re-created from the Gundam Unicorn in the series, in which this type of light is usually depicted to show when the Gundam uses a larger power. I would have loved to see this Light glow in a “breathing” effect, which would make it seem as if the Mod actually was alive, but I wouldn’t be able to see that on the photos.

The closed side of this Mod is probably my favorite part of this Unicorn Destroy Mod. On this side, the sponsors have been shown and normally I do not like it when sponsors get shown on large areas which simply scream out at you. In this Mod the sponsor names have been placed on areas which fit the overall style of the Mod which makes them an integral part of the Mod as a whole.
The fact that this entire side is being lighted from the inside out gives you an open feel even if this is supposed to be the closed side. This side shows a giant red X on a large white plain, in which only the fans of the series will recognize the multifunctional shield of the Gundam Unicorn. This shield is without a doubt one of the most recognizable battle armaments of this Gundam and by placing it here (on the left side/ arm of the Gundam) this shows to be the work of a true fan.

The water cooling loop of this Unicorn Destroy Mod is worth mentioning as I’ve said earlier, even if it does not seem very special at first glance. The Graphics card and Processor are both being cooled by this loop, and the tubing all seems to go to a reservoir or radiator in the top of the case. However, in the top, the tubing just gets connected to each other and are looped back down to the bottom at the case where we can find the radiator. The reservoirs have been mounted on the outer backside of the case leaving a lot of space on the inside to show off the hardware.

Both sides of this Unicorn Destroy Mod can be opened, but even here a little something special has been kept on the wraps which you would not be able to notice at first glance. The sides have been made in such a way that they can be slid open towards the back of the case, like sliding open a drawer. This is a feature which you will not find in a lot of Mods and yet can be called quite practical. The fact that these sides do not have to be removed to open the case shows a huge amount of dedication in thought and work that has gone into this Mod. St.Jimmy’s PC Modding has created a true showcase with this Unicorn Destroy Mod about which not just the PC Modding Fans, but also the Gundam Fans might just start drooling.

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