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Sometimes you come across a CaseMod which gives you an amazing feeling, sometimes the opposite is true. With all Mods that I find these days I first start out looking a long while at the photos before I judge on whether I’ll be writing about it or not. Seeing as I only write about Mods that I like, you can rest assured knowing that I’ve taken the time to really inspect each Mod on this site for quite some time before they make their appearance here. This does not mean that my opinion equals fact, it’s an opinion, MY opinion, whether you agree or not is all up to you.
This article is about XV created by MetallicAcid.

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As you may have guessed from the foreword there are a few things about this CaseMod that do not entirely sit well with me, but there are still plenty things I find amazing.
The potential of this XV is enormous, from the great idea of a custom loop leaving all hardware in full sight, to the floating reservoir and the innovative placing of the fans and graphics card. Everything in this Mod could be seen as a separate piece of art if only the execution of each part would have been perfect.

The color scheme in this build can only be summarized as “steel” on black. All the parts in the CaseMod named XV are black with steel which gives the whole a distinguished industrial appearance. The blue LED fans create a nice contrast which gives it all quite a playful shade. I would have loved to see a metallic colored liquid, but the milky white works nicely and pulls the attention to the reservoir even more.

The one thing that simply jumped out at me in this CaseMod is the graphics card. This card has been placed vertically and covered by a steel housing with a black plate on it in which a small window gives you a view of the water block on the card itself. The idea of placing the card like this in the 570X case I really adore, after all, it’s a showcase which lends itself perfectly for showing off hardware. However, I personally would have loved to see the housing addressed a bit more with for instance an industrial lining across the entire surface or the use of a so-called low-profile card which would’ve made it so it doesn’t take up such a large amount of space. Like it is now in the XV it comes across more as a boring looking surface which hasn’t been fully finished.

The custom liquid cooling loop, the idea behind this is something I (again) truly love, but here as well it seems as if MetallicAcid has been a bit hasty. Sadly the tubing does not line up as nice as we’ve come to expect from His previous works of art. Because the tubing doesn’t align as nicely there are quite a few places in the loop that I noticed in a negative way. Sadly I cannot un-see things very easily and these places take away quite a bit from the build as a whole because of it.

The floating reservoir in this case, is simply put a phenomenal idea, a reservoir that is being held up solely by the tubing used to cool everything generates a tremendous clean look. The given fact that this reservoir is suspended in front of the 3 hellish blue LED fans creates an almost surreal look and feel. This reservoir is perfectly viewable from the front and side because of the fans that have been placed in an ingenious way. In my opinion, this could not have been done in a more appealing method.

On the closed side of the case, we find a single surface which covers the backside of the motherboard. On this surface the combination of the Corsair logo with the XV name in it and the MetallicAcid Logo beneath it make for a nice and welcome surprise in this competition, where many have chosen to go for 3 separate plates (which I do not entirely like all that well) this single plate has been very nicely made. That you can still see the nicely sleeved cables and PSU beneath it can only be described as yet another very nice feature of a true showcase. The 3 fans which can be seen from this side and not the fans you can see from the open side, but are connected to the same (almost) invisible radiator.
As soon as the covering surface is taken off you have a marvelous sight on the great cable management which runs trough the case including the ones going from and to the Corsair Commander.

This XV has kept me up quite a few nights with doubt about whether or not I would write about it. The fact that you’re reading this right now is already a nice indication of what my choice has become. The reason why I decided to write about this CaseMod regardless of the things I found that I do not like in this Mod, is the simple fact that there is a lot more in it that I DO like. But above it all, it was the Idea behind this XV that has made up my mind.

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Crystal Series 570X RGB Mid-Tower Case
HX Series HX1200 Fully-Modular PSU
Vengeance LED 32GB DDR4 Memory
HD Series HD120 RGB LED High Performance 120mm PWM Fans
Force Series LE SSD
Corsair Link Commander Mini
Corsair Link RGB LED Lighting Kit

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