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So, you’ve been busy modding and are ready to take the next step?
You’re looking for a good sponsor who will provide you with the hardware you think you need, and preferably get to keep the hardware when you’re done.
Let me burst your bubble right there, doesn’t sponsor anyone, we’re having enough issues paying for our own systems as is. Perhaps in the future we might sponsor someone, but currently that is simply not an option. So my apologies if you came to this article in the hopes of getting a “sponsorship”

For those who still do want to know what i want to say with this article, welcome, read and benefit from it.
Before you begin looking for sponsors for your mod, there’s a few things you have to do first, and with that we start this article.

Have something to show why you out of thousands are worth sponsoring. *

For instance think about previous projects, number of followers on social media, plans for the project on which you’d like sponsoring.
But also think about what kind of value you would add to that sponsor. Finding sponsors is like finding a job, you have your resumé with your job experience, a few references, and you have a sorts of intake meeting with an employer in which you have to tell them why you are the best suited for that job. If you arrive at a manufacturer looking for sponsors and all you can say is: “i think this might become a very nice mod” you might aswell stay home.
At a minimal have a portfolio to show, even if you don’t have a website of your own, the least you can show is a facebook page with your previous projects displayed.
Without examples of your work, none shall entrust you with their sponsoring.
What also helps in a very good way is being specific:  “This mod has been fully designed around your graphics card, and will put the card an thus your brand into the spotlight”. If you are specific about what you’re going to do and what you want, you show the manufacturer that you didn’t just come on a whim, but that you truly planned with that manufacturer in mind.

The world DOES revolve around you! *

sponsor-meYes you read that correctly, when looking for sponsoring the world does infact revolve around you! If you get a sponsor it is your job to promote that brand and that piece of hardware, ofcourse you can promote the entire mod with the sponsored piece inside it. However, you are responsible for getting the audience to look at that mod, the sponsor delivers the hardware, and you deliver the advertising, that’s how it usually goes… a matter of give and take.
The larger your applicable audience, the more interesting potential sponsors are going to find you, so make the world revolve around you. Be active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and all other social media. Make people follow, like, share pin and who knows what else.
If you go to a potential sponsor and say: “i have 500 active friends on Facebook”, they’ll sooner listen to you than if you were to say: “i have 50 familymembers on facebook”
As with any form of advertising, Sponsoring is a advertising tool for the manufacturer, they want to reach as many people as possible, and reaching those people is your job. So make the world revolve around you, and make people want to follow you.

Trust is the key to the future. *

When you get a sponsor, make sure you keep your side of the deal. This is the most important bit of sponsorships. If you were to say you’d have a mod done at a certain date, make sure that mod is done at that date.
If you keep your side of the deal and live up to the commitments, sponsors will be more likely to concider working with you again in future endeavours. After all it’s similar to a business arrangement and as in all business, if you don’t live up to the expectations it’s concidered a breach of contract. In case of sponsoring this can have the nasty side-effect that no manufacturer will ever sponsor you again.
Another side-effect is that if this happens to often, you might ruin the chances for any other modder to work with that company aswell.
So i Implore you, when you have a sponsor, keep him happy, with an eye on the future.

Below, in the comments, i’d like to see your experiences and or tips concerning the search for sponsors.

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